SERO Model SHP® High Pressure Pump

Side Channel Pump Performance incorporating numerous API-610 design features

Model SHP® is a new generation of SERO side channel pumps. The SHP® hydraulic remains focused on low flow applications, but now the SHP® is capable of producing heads upwards of 3500’ with a maximum allowable working pressure of 1450 psig (100bar).

In addition to the enhanced hydraulic coverage, the SHP® pump design closely follows API-610 specifications, where applicable. For example, API material codes C-6 and A-8 are offered. Dual containment, liquid end barrel design is standard with ANSI 900 lb flanges that will meet the 610 nozzle loading requirements. Numerous sealing options are available.

The Model SHP® pump is a strong alternative to high speed centrifugal process pumps and small reciprocating pumps. Eliminate pulsation problems. Reduce maintenance costs. Control fugitive emission / pollution factors. Consider the SERO Model SHP® high pressure pump. Numerous sealing options are available.


Heavy duty side channel pump incorporating many API 610 features.

Rugged multi-stage pump with barrel design.(Secondary containment!)

Low, low, low NPSH requirements! (1’ to 4’)

MAWP: 1450 PSI. High suction pressure? No problem!

Flow range: 3 – 38 GPM.

Head to 3,500 ft at 3500 RPM.

Entrained Gas / Vapor Capability.

Small Dimensional Footprint!

No high speed gear boxes!

No pulsation!

No emissions / pollution!

Reduced maintenance costs!

Service & Application

Amine Injection Pump

2nd Stage Scrubber Bottoms Pump

NGL / Y Grade Booster Pump

Depropanizer / Debutanizer Pump

Hydrocarbon Condensate Transfer Pump

Reflux Pump

Hot Glycol Recirculation Pump

Propylene Transfer Pump

Boiler Feedwater Pump

Dual fuel / propane injection for marine propulsion engines

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