SERO Model SHP® High Pressure Pump

Side Channel Pump Performance incorporating numerous API-610 design features

Model SHP® is a new generation of SERO side channel pumps. The SHP® hydraulic remains focused on low flow applications, but now the SHP® is capable of producing heads upwards of 3500’ with a maximum allowable working pressure of 1450 psig (100bar).

In addition to the enhanced hydraulic coverage, the SHP® pump design closely follows API-610 specifications, where applicable. For example, API material codes S-6, C-6 and A-8 are offered. Dual containment, liquid end barrel design is standard with ANSI 900 lb flanges that will meet the 610 nozzle loading requirements. Numerous sealing options are currently available with a sealless mag drive design due in 2015.
The Model SHP® pump is a strong alternative to high speed centrifugal process pumps and small reciprocating pumps. Eliminate pulsation problems. Reduce maintenance costs. Control fugitive emission / pollution factors. Consider the SERO Model SHP® high pressure pump. The True Solution!


Heavy duty side channel pump incorporating many API 610 features.

Rugged multi-stage pump with barrel design.(Secondary containment!)

Low, low, low NPSH requirements! (1’ to 4’)

MAWP: 1450 PSI. High suction pressure? No problem!

Flow range: 3 – 38 GPM.

Head to 3,500 ft at 3500 RPM.

Entrained Gas / Vapor Capability. Upwards of 40%!

Small Dimensional Footprint!

No high speed gear boxes!

No pulsation!

No emissions / pollution!

Reduced maintenance costs!

Service & Application

Amine Injection Pump

2nd Stage Scrubber Bottoms Pump

NGL / Y Grade Booster Pump

Depropanizer / Debutanizer Pump

Hydrocarbon Condensate Transfer Pump

Reflux Pump

Hot Glycol Recirculation Pump

Propylene Transfer Pump

Boiler Feedwater Pump

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