About Sero

The SERO Advantage

Headquartered in Germany, SERO PumpSystems is the world’s only exclusive manufacturer of side channel pumps. Since the issuance of their first side channel pump patent in 1929, SERO has continued to revolutionize the industrial pump industry. Specializing in individually configured pumping systems, SERO has consistently been on the leading edge of side channel pump design and technology.

To service the ever expanding North American marketplace, SERO PumpSystems, Inc. was formed in late 2006 and soon opened a headquarters and spare parts distribution center located in Stafford (southwest Houston) TX. Sales and service activities are handled through a dedicated network of experienced industrial pump distributors. For information on how SERO PumpSystems can help meet your demanding pumping conditions, please contact one of our distributor partners or SERO headquarters. Thank you for your interest in SERO PumpSystems side channel pumps!